English June 14, 2017

Fluid Systems Engineer (engineering and operations directorate) DIO n° 17.09


Engineering and Operations Directorate, Operations and Launch Complex Division, Fluid and Mechanical Systems Department, Fluid Systems Section.


As part of launch preparation, control and operational activities at the Guiana Space Center for the Ariane, Soyuz and Vega launchers, concerning fluid and mechanical systems aspects, especially fluid subsystems, you will be in charge of the following, mainly for Ariane 5 :

  • Preparation of launch campaigns, in particular integration of specific requirements for launcher operation (preparing operational procedures and plans).
  • Execution of operations during launch campaigns, in particular direct control of launcher operations.
  • Analysis of data from launcher inspections and launch countdowns.
  • Monitoring of launcher/ground system upgrades from the standpoint of operational interfaces, as well as the associated launch complex (ELA) installations.
  • In the medium term, coordination of operation and maintenance of fluid systems for the Ariane, Soyuz and Vega launch complexes.

These activities call on an array of mechanical and fluid engineering techniques used in the aerospace industry, as well as knowledge of measurement and control-command systems.

You will be working in a team of engineers, under the direction of a Section Head.

The contract provides for a period of preliminary training, for gradual integration in activities and operations involving the Launcher Fluids specialty during launch campaigns.


Degree from an engineering school or equivalent French or European university. Intended for a newly graduated engineer, or one already having an initial professional experience, with good basic knowledge of fluid systems and components, or industrial engineering.

This job encompasses operations ranging from execution of basic tasks to team leadership during launch campaigns. It therefore requires :

  • an ability to analyze and synthesize information;
  • good organizational and methodological skills;
  • ability to work in a team;
  • good relationship skills;
  • a high degree of availability.

Because Arianespace is an international business, you should be comfortable working in both French and English. Fluency in a third European language would be an advantage.


Evry (South suburb of Paris) with many long business trips to Kourou (French Guiana).

After two or three years, you should expect a three or six-year assignment in French Guiana.


Driver’s license required.


Should you be interested in this position, please send your application and resume to:  ARIANESPACE – Human Resources Directorate – ref. DIO 17.09 – Boulevard de l’Europe – BP n° 177 – 91006 EVRY-COURCOURONNES Cedex (France) or by mail to recrutement@arianespace.com

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