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Meeting the Arianespace motto: "Any mass, any orbit, anytime"

Using space for a better life on earth

0 Arianespace was founded in

An assigned mission of guaranteeing independent access to space for Europe

A leader in commercial space transport

Arianespace orbits satellites for all types of space-based applications: telecommunications, navigation, science, Earth observation, technology demonstrations, etc.

Three launch solutions

Ariane 5

The heavy launcher

The global benchmark for launches to geostationary transfer orbit (GTO); 96 launches, including 82 successful launches in a row since 2003.

Versatile, and especially well-suited to the deployment of constellations; 17 launches from the Guiana Space Center since 2011, and 26 from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan, via Starsem (42 successful missions).


The medium launcher


The light launcher

Ideally suited for the launch of Sun-synchronous Earth observation satellites; 11 launches, all successful, since being introduced in 2012.

Ready for the future

With Ariane 6

Liftoff in 2020

And Vega C

Liftoff in 2019

Launch sites

Name: Guiana Space Center (CSG)
Country: French Guiana
Continent: South America
Launcher(s): Ariane 5, Soyuz, Vega

5° 13’ 50.6’’ N, 52° 46’ 7.9’’ W

Name: Baikonur
Country: Kazakhstan
Continent: Central Asia
Launcher(s): Soyuz (via Starsem)

45° 55’ 12.93’’ N, 63° 20’ 32.04’’ E

The global benchmark in launch services


satellites orbited since the outset (over half of all telecom satellites now in service worldwide)

€1.3 billion

in revenues (2017)

€5 billion

Current order book value, including 58 launches and 29 customers

18 Ariane 5 launches

29 Soyuz launches

9 Vega/Vega C launches

2017 operational record



  • 6

    by Ariane 5

  • 2

    by Soyuz

  • 3

    by Vega

Multidisciplinary skills and expertise, global presence

United States

French Guiana





employees dedicated to customer service, at facilities in:

Repartition of Arianespace capital

Arianespace's capital is held at 74%


by ArianeGroup

France 64.10%

1.89% Air Liquide SA

62.10% ArianeGroup

0.11% Clemessy SA

n.s. Compagnie Deutsch SAS

Belgium 3.36%

2.71% S.A.B.C.A. SA (Sté Anonyme Belge de Constructions Aéronautiques)

0.33% Thales Alenia Space Belgium

0.32% Safran Aero Boosters

Germany 19.85%

11.59% ArianeGroup

8.26% MT Aerospace AG

Italy 3.38%

3.38% Avio SpA

Netherlands 1.94%

1.94% Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands BV

Norway 0.11%

0.11% Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS

Spain 2.14%

2.03% Airbus Defence and Space SAU

0.11% CRISA

Sweden 2.45%

1.63% GKN Aerospace Sweden AB

0.82% RUAG Space AB

Switzerland 2.67%

2.67% RUAG Schweiz AG

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