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Feature story November 21, 2016

An Arianespace focus on Ariane 5’s impressive 75 in-a-row launch record

Ariane 5 has marked a new chapter of operational service with its 75th launch success in a row, and Arianespace is celebrating the milestone – achieved this month – with a dedicated website page that brings together videos, key facts and mission highlights underscoring the heavy-lift vehicle’s track record of reliability and service.

Among the features of Arianespace’s dedicated website page are interactive “tiles” with details on each flight in Ariane 5’s consecutive string of on-target missions, including liftoff images and launch team photos, plus information on the payloads.

The unmatched reliability of Ariane 5

Arianespace’s dedicated website page includes interactive “tiles” with details on each mission in Ariane 5’s 75 consecutive launch successes.

“The Ariane 5 story is one of shared success involving Arianespace, its customers, the European Space Agency (ESA) and member states, along with European industry – including prime contractor Airbus Safran Launchers – all our partners and our great staff,” explained Stéphane Israël, Chairman and CEO of Arianespace. “This has been a key part of fulfilling Arianespace’s mission of using space to make life better on Earth, and we are pleased to be highlighting Ariane 5’s track record with our special focus on”

With its latest launch achievement, Ariane 5 now holds the record for consecutive missions accomplished among Arianespace’s launcher family operating from French Guiana – surpassing Ariane 4’s string of 74 in a row from 1995 to 2003.

And “75 in a row” is far from Ariane 5’s only impressive figure. During the 13-year period that began in 2003, the launcher deployed 149 spacecraft for commercial and institutional operators, with over 623 metric tons (1.4 million pounds) delivered to orbit.

Billions of people have benefited from the space applications deployed via Ariane 5 – confirming this heavy-lift vehicle’s unrivaled reliability in the commercial market, along with its availability and flexibility for a wide range of missions to various orbits.

For photos, videos and other multimedia content that captures Ariane 5’s ongoing achievements, visit the Arianespace website’s dedicated page, and follow Arianespace on Twitter and Instagram.

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Feature story August 23, 2016

The Spaceport is busy with activity for Arianespace’s upcoming missions

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