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Ariane 5 October 16, 2014

Arianespace successfully launches two satellites for the Americas

Arianespace has successfully launched two telecommunications satellites: Intelsat 30, which is hosting the DLA-1 Ku-band payload for DIRECTV Latin America, is designed to provide distribution services for DIRECTV Latin America in South America and the Caribbean and ARSAT-1, which features direct-to-home (DTH) TV broadcast payloads for Latin America. The launch was performed by an Ariane 5 ECA on October 16 at 6:43 pm (local time) from the Guiana Space Center in Kourou, French Guiana. This launch again clearly shows that Arianespace's quality, reliability and experience are recognized by all operators, established and new, global and regional.

Arianespace, the benchmark launch services provider for all operators, established or new

Intelsat 30 is a 20-kilowatt class Ku-and C-band satellite.  The Ku-band payload, known as DLA-1, is designed to provide distribution services for DIRECTV Latin America in South America and the Caribbean. The C-band portion enhances Intelsat’s existing C-band service infrastructure serving Latin America. This is the 54th satellite launched by Arianespace for Intelsat and the sixth for DIRECTV, as well as the 45th satellite built by Space Systems/Loral (SSL) to be orbited by Arianespace. Today’s launch clearly shows the relationship of mutual trust established by Arianespace, Intelsat and Space Systems/Loral over the last 31 years.

ARSAT-1 is the first in a series of three geostationary (GEO) satellites that will give Argentina its own space telecommunications system. It is the first satellite of this type to be built in Argentina, by the state-owned company Invap in its plant in Bariloche, north of Patagonia. It is also the first part of the space infrastructure being built by Arsat, for which Arianespace’s experience and reliable launch solutions played a decisive role in this successful market entry.

Arianespace and Latin America

With this launch, Arianespace is sharing its expertise with two customers that have very different requirements, although both are based in the Americas. Intelsat is a global operator and world leader in fixed satellite services (FSS) that has been operating in Latin America since 1965; while Arsat is a regional operator and is starting with this first satellite.

Arianespace has launched nearly three-fourths of all commercial satellites for operators in Latin America, where demand for access to space is growing.

Arianespace, global leader in commercial GTO launches, with nearly 60% of the market

Having launched 60% of commercial satellites now in orbit, Arianespace clearly sets the standard for all satellite manufacturers and operators. This year to date, Arianespace has orbited seven out of the 12 geostationary commercial satellites launched.

Shortly after the announcement that the satellites had been injected into orbit, Arianespace Chairman and CEO Stéphane Israël said: “Arianespace is very proud of being able to share our expertise with customers in the Americas. Whether for Intelsat, our first commercial customer and the worldwide leader in fixed satellite services, or Arsat, a new regional operator in South America – to whom we with a long, successful life – Arianespace provides tailored launch services with proven quality and reliability. I would like to thank Intelsat for their continued loyalty throughout our 31 year partnership, which honors us, and also thank Arsat and Argentina for placing their trust in us for the launch of their first satellite, which is so important for the company and for the country as a whole. I would also like to thank DIRECTV, for whom the Intelsat 30 payload was custom-built, with whom we have a number of projects now under way. Lastly, thanks to everybody who contributed to this latest success: our prime Airbus and its European partners for the Ariane 5 ECA launcher, with its unrivaled reliability; our partners CNES-CSG and all staff at the launch base for the record availability achieved since the beginning of the year”.

Lancement VA 220 : Arianespace a lancé avec succès deux satellites de télécommunications pour le continent américain
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Ariane 5 September 11, 2014

Arianespace successfully launches MEASAT-3b and OPTUS 10 satellites

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