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Soyuz May 11, 2017

Flight VS17: second mission to geostationary transfer orbit for Soyuz from the Guiana Space Center at the service of SES

For its fifth launch of the year, Arianespace will use a Soyuz launcher to orbit SES-15 – the first all-electric geostationary satellite for the European operator SES.

This will mark the second mission in 2017 to geostationary transfer orbit performed by Soyuz from the Guiana Space Center in French Guiana.

The launch will be from the Soyuz Launch Complex (ELS) in Sinnamary, French Guiana.

The Launch Readiness Review (LRR) will take place on Wednesday, May 17, 2017 in Kourou, to authorize the start of operations for the final countdown.

SES-15 is the 40th satellite to be launched by Arianespace for the European satellite operator SES, following ASTRA 5B – orbited by an Ariane 5 in March 22, 2014.

As the first hybrid satellite in SES’ fleet, SES-15 will offer a mix of wide beam coverage and high throughput (HTS) capacity. The satellite will provide additional Ku-band wide beams and Ku-band HTS capability, with connectivity to gateways in Ka-band.

SES-15 will serve the thriving aeronautical sector and will enable other traffic-intensive data applications such as government, VSAT networks and maritime.

Positioned at the new orbital location of 129 degrees West, SES-15 will offer extensive coverage over North America, Mexico and Central America, stretching from Arctic Alaska to the South of Panama and from Hawaii to the Caribbean.

SES-15 was built by Boeing in El Segundo, California using the all-electric 702SP platform, and it is the 53rd Boeing-built satellite to be launched by Arianespace.

For further information, download the Launch Kit by clicking here: 

To watch a live, high-speed online transmission of the launch (including commentary from the launch site in French and English), go to on May 18, 2017 starting 15 minutes before liftoff.

You also can follow the launch live on your iPhone or iPad (the Arianespace HD app is free).

Mission VS17 : deuxieme mission vers l’orbite de transfert geostationnaire pour Soyuz depuis le Centre Spatial Guyanais au service de l’operateur SES
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Soyuz January 27, 2017

Flight VS16: For Soyuz’ first GTO launch from the Guiana Space Center, Arianespace successfully orbits Hispasat 36W-1

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